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Clean sparkling windows will enhance the appearance of your business, store or restaurant.  Our team of professionals will clean your windows to your satisfaction.  Contact us at Jones Tiger about our window care program, to learn more about our repeat cleaning services to ensure your windows are cleaned on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis.

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Commercial Pressure Washing

pressure washing - Pleasanton tri-valleyPressure washing is an easy and cost effective way to maintain your buildings’ professional look.  Here are four ways commercial pressure washing from Jones Janitorial services can be beneficial to you and your business.

1. Improve your building's overall look and appeal

Many factors work against a clean building exterior, including pollution, dirt, mildew, grease, and other elements.   We customize our pressure washing solution to each project, using the tools and appropriate water pressure needed to clean the surface involved.     Having your building regularly pressure washed by Jones Janitorial Services may even improve the value of your structure. In addition, you have the added benefit that your employees, tenants and clients will enjoy the look of the building.

2. Decrease maintenance concerns and building repairs

Regular pressure washing may help uncover potential building issues. Certain hazards such as bird droppings and algae can erode the building exterior, causing further potential damage.   In addition other facades and exteriors including certain stones and brick, may deteriorate over time if it's left unmaintained.  Our pressure washing services will give you the added information you need to decrease possible upcoming repairs.

3.  Clean driveways, parking lots, entryways and more

If you pressure wash the building, you are in the position to clean the adjacent spaces that will help your entire building and adjacent areas shine as well.  Parking lots, walkways, entryways and areas around any garbage or dumpster area will benefit greatly from pressure washing.  Cleaning these areas will also benefit the client and employee experience.

4. Grafitti and paint

Pressure washing will clean many  types of graffiti and vandalism, and will give you back the look you want for your business.   As all projects vary, we look forward to speaking with you and assessing your needs to ensure the best outcome  for your exterior and your business.